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Sparky Automotive for affordable Electric Vehicles
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Existing automotive technology is antiquated. Cars are propelled by dangerous exploding chemicals in engines comprising dozens of moving parts, they need messy and expensive lubricants and cooler equipment requiring regular servicing.

They also consume increasingly scarce fossil resources and fill the air with dirty carbon emissions. Anybody unwise enough to introduce such pestilence to market these days is likely to end up in jail or worse.

Thankfully there is a realistic alternative. Electric automotive technology has reached the level that allows EVs (Electric Vehicles) to provide realistic competition to traditional petrol/diesel cars with comparable capabilities at an affordable cost . Moreover EVs have the consummate benefit of zero carbon emissions. iSet Electric provides a good example of what the technology can now offer, albeit with in addition to being surprisingly affordable. They demonstrate reduced cost of ownership consequent on not needing petrol, and being virtually maintenance free.


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